6 HOT BALLS - THE CHEESE BALL CHALLENGE!!! Blah Blah Blah… 6 tiny little cheese balls really? What could possibly go wrong? Baaahaaaahaaaa…

Blazing Foods and CTH introduce a seriously tasty and regretfully hot new challenge for our thrill-seeking chili-head family… 6 Hot Balls. 

Balls #1 & #2 are just hot enough to let you know you’re stepping into a fiery challenge and leave you wanting more. Interestingly enough the wonderful savory flavors and very pepper-forward taste profile provide a very false sense of “hell yes” let’s go attitude.

Fiery balls #3 & #4 crank the heat and brow sweat to an exceedingly hot level leaving many questioning their desire to continue.

Finally, balls #5 & #6 are the warriors of pain and elevators of regret. They envelop your soul in searing HEAT forcing your undivided attention and panicked thought.  You will find it difficult to understand & rationalize your decision to move beyond ball #5 to complete this professional chili-head level challenge.


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